Dr. Shawon Rahman

Dr. Shawon Rahman
Founder & President


The president of TASS, Dr. Shawon Rahman, has earned a Ph.D. degree in Software Engineering. He works as a computer science professor at the local university. He has more than 12 years of experience in Software Development in Hawaii and mainland USA. He is expert in developing Mobile Phone Apps (e.g. iPhone, Android, Windows), E-commerce websites, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Information Security, Cyber Security, Network Security, etc. Our president manages software development team at TASS.

Academic Background:

  • Ph.D., Software Engineering, North Dakota State University
  • MS, Computer Science, North Dakota State University
  • BS, Chemical Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering Technology

Software Development Focus:

  • Mobile Apps (e.g. iPhone, Android, Windows, iPad)
  • Portal Development (non-profit or commercial)
  • Web-based Software Development
  • Information Security Consulting
  • Web Accessibility Consulting